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Teknotel Elektronik facilitates daily life in the spaces where the vitality of the city shows itself. One of the contributions of Teknotel Elektronik to life is Parkonom directing system used at large car parks.


Teknotel Elektronik's registered brand "Parkonom" is a developed directing system rendering services at AVM car parks. Parkonom shows that the vehicle spaces are available for parking through the car park directing system it provides in the shopping centers and closed car parks.


Parkonom is an electronic unit which detects the presence of the parked vehicles through the sensor system, sends the photos of the vehicles it detects to the server and at the same time, does security records. 


Parkonom, having been providing services particularly at Akasya AVM, one of the largest shoppşings centers in Istanbul, since 2014, has succeeded to take place in the distinguished projects of several cities in Turkey. Parkonom preserves its brand value as its quality and reliability are registered by its customers and with the aim of taking place in new car park projects. 



  • Ability to monitor up to 6 vehicles
  • Integrated 360 degree- LED indicators having high brightness of (8Lm/led) indicating green light when there are available positions and indicating red light when there is no available position.
  • Security recording for 7/24 and sending the records to the server
  • Taking photos with a resolution of 5 megapixel (2592x1944 px) and sending the photos to the server
  • 5 fps security recording with a resolution of 640x480
  • Color depth of 24 Bit,
  • 150 degree point of view,
  • Integrated real time MJPEG security recorder that can be adjusted within the range of 15 cm – infinite with stable focus,
  • Low power consumption
  • 20 V AC (+- %20) input voltage
  • 7.5 Watt maximum power consumption
  • Ethernet (TCP/IP) communication
  • Width of 235 mm, weight of 700 gr
  • Polyamide PA 6.6 and plastic outer material
  • IP44 protection level
  • -10 - +45 C working temperature
  • -20 - +85 C storage ambient temperature
  • Working in humidity of 95% at most
  • DIN rail mounting
  • Modular structure ensuring easy mounting and maintenance advantage